NEW Body Addons!

Are you an apple or pear? Or are you both?

Steffi has been working so hard to bring these new addons for you all. So without further ado!

And there you go! Private part addons for DeeTaleZ Body Skins.

Designed for Maitreya and Legacy! However, it can fit other Mesh Bodies too, but please always DEMO first!

These addons are made for DEFAULT or CHUBBY Body skins.

Please make sure you choose the matching one for the body skin you are using.

For example, if you are using Nordic Maitreya Chubby skin, please choose Nordic Pear Bum Chubby.

With both new addons, freckles are included.

Available in the Mainstore, in the Body Section.

Your taxi awaits >>> Mainstore   

Don’t forget to post your photos in our DeeTaleZ Flickr Group. We love to see how you style our products.

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