About our Products

What we offer:

1) Mesh Head Skins (faces, makeup, and add-ons) for:


We also have a very small choice of Head Skins for:

Vista, Akeruka, Fiore, Logo (Omega)

All new Mesh Head Skins will only be BOM.

Older Head Skin Packs include Skin Applier HUDS and BOM system layers

2) Mesh Body Skins for:

MAITREYA, BELLEZA, SLINK & LEGACY (which come with a neck match to fit DeeTaleZ Head Skins with all bodies).

New/Current Body skins are all BOM, Applier HUD and OMEGA HUD.

Body add-ons ~ for example the fitness add-on ~ are ONLY have BOM.

Only older add-ons like ‘cleavage’ and ‘pubic hair’ have OMEGA applier HUD.

All older Body Skin Packs include Skin Applier HUDS and OMEGA.

3) And yes, we still offer Skins for default SL Avatars 😉 However, please do remember that these skins are for the default SL avatars ONLY and not for the Mesh Body/Head ones. This skin may not look good or correct if you use it on your Mesh Body/Head as it is created specfically for default SL Avatars.