General Store Policy

  1. Copyright:

All rights reserved. All Items created by Steffi Villota are under Copyright of DeeTaleZ® GbR and for use in the Second Life® Grid only. You are not allowed to copy, reproduce, duplicate, process, distribute or resell ANY PART of the creations (also Textures / UUIDs!) without permissions by DeeTaleZ® GbR.

*!*!* When you are purchasing a digital item in Second Life, it DOES NOT give you the rights to use the Textures / UUIDs in any way (copyright law)! You are only allowed to use the digital item as it is given with the given permissions! *!*!*

Copyright infringement is a serious offense punishable by law. Anyone using any kind of programs or tools to copy, reproduce, duplicate or process items (Textures/UUIDs) will be found and prosecuted under the copyright laws of their country, resulting in a fine or possible imprisonment.

  1. Permissions:

ALL items are NO transfer! They are copy and most of them are modifiable.

  1. Failed Delivery:

Please use our REDELIVER TERMINALS located in the Store.

  1. Double Purchase:

If an exact double purchase is made you have the choice to choose another item for that amount of money from the Store or get the money refunded. Please send a copy of BOTH transactions to Steffi Villota inworld

  1. Refunds:

EVERY purchase is FINAL.

Please make sure you have tried the DEMO of the Product first before you click/buy the Skin tone you like!

We are not refunding or changing products because ALL our Products are NO TRANSFER and cannot send back to us!

We are not doing this because we want to make you mad or “rip you off” No, we are doing this because there is just no other way to handle it with NO TRANSFER PRODUCTS and we are treating every customer the same way.

  1. Gift cards & Store Credits:

Gifting directly from the Vendor:

Just left click on the Vendor and choose “Gift” from the Menu. Follow the Instruction the Vendor tells you. The vendor will send the Gift to your friends directly!

Store credits:

Store Credits are earned with EVERY purchase! (2% / 15% for V.I.P. Group Members)

Store Credits are automatically used on purchases.

You get refunded by the amount of saved Store Credits automatically when purchasing a product.

Gift cards:

Get Gift cards at our Mainstore! (All Instructions you find at the Gift card Terminal)

  1. Contact

Store Location: DeeTaleZ in Second Life

Support Email:

Support Chat (Discord): Discord

Owner of DeeTaleZ: Steffi Villota

Manager of DeeTaleZ: AlluringKimmy

You can contact Steffi or Kimmy via IM inworld anytime.

Please always be nice, and we promise to be so in return ♥

We will get back to you as soon as we are able to (mostly within 48 hours).

If you didn’t get any response PLEASE send your Message again, it could have been lost (we are all humans right?) ♥

Please only contact us with the above mentioned ways ONLY. We are not answering questions via Facebook or Flickr.