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Dear customer,

in order to provide a better customerservice, we’ve collected the most common questions and answers here. More questions and answers will be added as we receive them! If the answers here don’t help with your problem, feel free to contact the team ingame.

I bought a skin applier for my mesh head and a body applier for my mesh body in SAME skintone but its not matching; i have a line on my neck or a color difference!

General things you should know about WindLight and graphic in SL

Lights and shadows in SL can affect textures applied on mesh objects often in a negative way!
Means you get color differences on mesh parts, seams or grayish overlays.
This is something you have to fix on your viewer side.
We, designers, can not control this with our texture works.
Its your settings of WindLight and grapics. Please give it a try, change your settings like we are showing below, and you will see and understand!

Change your Windlight settings and graphics to an optimum (following settings below) to see the “REAL” and “CLEAN” Look of the textures without any effects from SecondLife lights and shadows.

How to change my Windlight and grafic settings to the best view for meshes

—-> turn OFF “Advanced Lighting Model” and “Local Lights” in your graphic settings (Avatar – Preferences – Graphics – General (Shaders)):



—-> Choose the WindLight “CalWL” (Quick Preferences or World – Environment Editor – Environment Settings ; Choose “CUSTOMIZE MY ENVIRONMENT” and select “CalWL” from “SKY SETTINGS”:

Of course this is a very “simple” setting without any effects (no lighting, no shadows, no materials), means it also can make your SecondLife “boring” BUT it shows you how the textures look in “REAL”, how we created it and that all effects that comes from “outside” (from Second Life WindLight and viewer graphics) we designers can not control :/

The best WindLight Setting for me, with “Advanced Lighting Model” and “Local Lights” ON (gives back the shadows/lights and materials in SL) is “Nam’s Optimal Skin 2” ! (see above how to change WindLight)

Some examples to show

WindLight “CalWL” used here –> CLEAN look of the Textures without any affecting from WL or Viewer Graphics

( WindLight “Nam’s Optimal Skin 2” used here)

( WindLight “Midday” used here. Very unfavorable for Meshes and Textures)
If you still have problems with color differences

Make sure you didnt tinted you body or head! Open the HUD that comes with your body or head and set both to FULLY white!

Please, even if you are sure its set to FULLY white, check it 🙂

For Maitreya Body it HAS to be on these numbers!


For Legacy Body please make sure you turned OFF the default Neckfix from the Legacy Body HUD!



I bought the wrong skin! Could you please refund me?

Every purchase is FINAL!

Please make sure you have tried the DEMO of the Product first and you click/buy the Skintone you like!

We are not refunding or changing products because ALL our products are NO TRANFER and can not send back to us!

We are not doing this because we want to make you mad or “rip you off” NO! … We are doing this because there is just no other way to handle it with NO TRANSFER products and we are treating every customer the same way!

 I paid but I did not receive my item! What do I have to do now?

Please go to the mainstore and click the redelivery terminals in the entrance area. You will get the options to have your items redelivered.

 I accidentally bought the same item twice! What now?

Please contact Steffi Villota and we can refund you!

I sent you an IM, Notecard, Email, Discord Message but i didnt get any answer! Why?

Please understand that we all are humans! We have different timezones, real life obligations or sometimes messages just get lost or missed.

We try to answer EVERY question and solve issues as soon as we can!

You should get a feedback from us within 48 hours, if not, PLEASE just send your message again!

If we are not available for Support for a certain period of time you can find this Info in my Profile (Steffi Villota) !

Would you consider accepting custom work requests?

At this time we cannot accept any custom work requests.

I switched avatars and now I want the same skin/s on my new account. Could you send them to me?

We are sorry, but we do not honor alts.

Do you have giftcards? How do I get one for my friend?

Yes, we do have giftcards directly by the landingpoint (Instructions are to get there)

How do I send a product as a gift directly to my friend?

Just right click on the Vendor and choose “Gift”. Follow the Instruction the Vendor tells you. The vendor will send the Gift to your friends directly!

How do I get Store Credits?

Each time you buy an item at Deetalez, you will earn Store Credits (2% without Group; 15% with V.I.P. Group). Check your current balance of Store Credits directly on terminal at the landing point!

How do I use my Store Credits?

Store Credits are automaticlly used on purchases.

You get refunded by the amount of saved Store Credits automaticlly when purchasing a product.

How do I get into the VIP Group?

Please ask Steffi Villota for a personal invitation when all requirements are fulfilled (Info about our VIP Group you get in the Store at the Infoboard!)

Are you interested in renting space at malls etc.?

We are not interested in renting space at any kind of mall.

How do I become a blogger for Deetalez?

We choose our bloggers directly and will contact you if we are interested. The group is by invitation only.