FAQ – Find help here!

Dear customer,

in order to provide a better customerservice, we’ve collected the most common questions and answers here. More questions and answers will be added as we receive them! If the answers here don’t help with your problem, feel free to contact the team ingame.

The FAQ are sorted by:

General FAQ
Questions about Appliers
Questions about Meshheads
FAQ for Eventowners

General FAQ:

I bought the wrong skin! Could you please refund me?

We are very sorry, but we do not give any refunds because all items are no transfer!

 I paid but I did not receive my item! What do I have to do now?

Please go to the mainstore and click the redelivery terminals directly by the entrance. You will get the options to have your items redelivered.

 I accidentally bought the same item twice! What now?

In this case, please upload a screenshot of BOTH transactions from your transaction history and insert it into a notecard. Send the notecard to Steffi Villota along with your name and a brief explanation.

Would you consider accepting custom work requests?

At this time we cannot accept any custom work requests.

I switched avatars and now I want the same skin/s on my new account. Could you send them to me?

We are sorry, but we do not honor alts.

Do you have giftcards? How do I get one for my friend?

Yes, we do have giftcards directly by the landingpoint, and here’s how they work:

  1. Choose one of the value you want to gift and click the relevant card.
  2. Wear the card.
  3. When prompted to, pay the vendor the specified amount to activate the card.
  4. Now you can give the card away.

I received a giftcard! How do I use it?

First you have to redeem your Giftcard at the Terminal.

  1. Visit the Mainstore
  2. Go to the Gift Card Redeemer
  3. Wear your Gift Card and click the Terminal to redeem your Gift Card into Store Credits.

Now you have Creidts, touch/Leftclick the Vendor of the Product you like (Rightclick the Vendor, Click “Menu”). A window comes up – choose “CREDIT” (Buy this item using Store Credits). Done!

How do I send a product as a gift directly to my friend?

Just right click on the Vendor and choose “Gift”. Follow the Instruction the Vendor tells you. The vendor will send the Gift to your friends directly!

How do I get Store Credits?

Each time you buy an item at Deetalez, you will earn Store Credits with us. Check your current balance of Store Credits directly at the terminal by the landing point!

How do I use my Store Credits?

Touch/Leftclick the Vendor (Rightclick the Vendor, Click “Menu”). A window comes up – choose “CREDIT” (Buy this item using Store Credits). Done!

How do I get into the VIP Group?

Please ask Steffi Villota for a personal invitation. She will check your transaction history with Deetalez and will decide based upon the results.

Are you interested in renting space at malls etc.?

We are not interested in renting space at any kind of mall.

How do I become a blogger for Deetalez?

We choose our bloggers directly and will contact you if we are interested. The group is by invitation only.

Questions about Appliers:

Do you make appliers for….?

Deetalez currently provides appliers for the following brands:

Bodies: Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, The Mesh Project, Slink, Wowmeh, Eve Body, *KL* Lena Body

Bodyparts: Slink, Lolas! Tango/Tango Mirage/Tango Delicq Breasts, The Apple Bootie,  Apple May Baby Bump

Heads: LeLutka, Slink Visage, The Mesh Project, Catwa, Logo.

Mouthes: NyamNyam, Loud Mouth

All appliers come in all skintones!

I see strange seams around my mouth when I wear my NyamNyam/Loud Mouth lips! What’s going on?

Please make sure you turn on a neutral Windlight setting in order to get a nearly seamless effect, for example CalWL or Analu Studio 5.


My feet do not match my legs, but I got the correct skintone! What now?

Make sure that your feet aren’t tinted (the coloring HUD needs to be set to white) and that all layers that might cover up the actual skin (socks etc.) are turned off. If that doesn’t solve it, check if you applied both the upper (image of cleavage)  AND the lower (image of pubic hair) body part on the HUD.


I click the button the HUD but my lips are not showing! What now?

Please make sure the NyamNyam default lips are turned off by clicking the related button. They overlay the applier’s lips.  If it still doesn’t work, relog and/or get a new copy of the lips.

 Questions about Meshheads:

What brands do you make appliers for?

We make appliers for LeLutka, Logo, The Mesh Project, Catwa and Slink meshheads.

Will you make a meshhead applier for my favourite skin from your store?

We much rather prefer releasing new faces for meshheads rather than re-working older skins for them. However, this doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen!

I cannot test all options for brows and lips? ! Why?

Because adding all those requires a lot of extrawork that is entirely unecessary. The colours of the brows and lips stay the same, only the shape changes. To view the shape of the brow, one option is enough!

Catwa Heads:

I only see options for brows, lips and make-up for eyes in the HUD. How do I apply the actual skintexture? There is no button for that!

You apply the actual skin by clicking the brows you wish to have on your head.

The Mesh Project Heads:

I cannot find the applier I purchased in my Style Mode HUD (The Mesh Project). What now?

Please make sure you follow this guide:

TMP HUD info

If you still run into issues, contact Steffi Villota inworld!

FAQ for eventowners:

Who do I need to contact in general?

Please contact Arica Storaro for any event related questions.

I would like to invite you to my event. Who should I contact?

Please sent the event invitation to Arica Storaro. We will however only reply if we are interested in participating.

Will you do gacha events?

Yes, but rarely and on special occasions only.