2 thoughts on “Powder Pack Catwa – March 2017

  1. Why no body applier to go with the head appliers. Creators doing skins in February and January and even this month (Amara) include the body appliers to provide a complete and usable item. Unless one is already a Deetalez customer, they must spend an additional 730L$ just to use your item. There is plenty of makeup in the pack. If you didn’t want to do a complete skin then why not just do makeup. Is this just a merchandise leader and not a full product. I am really hoping this was a mistake because if not, this will affect my willingness to part with my 1500L$ for 12 complete items, not 11 items and one sample. =( Kind of need to know for my blog.

    1. You are serious? You want me to make Makeup for the PowderPack better then a Full Skin Applier because im not giving my Body appliers for Free with the Skin Applier?

      I hope the DeeTaleZ Fans now dont bit you!

      In the March Pack you got a Full Skin Applier with Lashes, Eyes, Eyeliner, Lipstick and and …. The Body Applier always come separate at DeeTaleZ. There are alot Bodies around in SL, also alot Attachments like Hands and stuff. This all makes ALOT of work to create textures for. Why shoudl i give them for Free? You complaining about im not offering a complete usable Item? You can use the Skin Face Applier, just use a different Body Applier, adjust the color, turn on your Neckfix and thats it. If you want a seamless look without Neckfix, sorry but then you shoudl get the Body applier. And since we are offering a nice HUD with several options in it it worth the 365 L$. Not sure why you think you have to spend 730 L$.

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