Recommending a Friend

You got a friend who didnt hear about DeeTaleZ or never shopped at DeeTaleZ before ?*1

Bring her for a shopping tour to DeeTaleZ and get a product of your choice for FREE! *2


*1 Relevant is the time frame from 01/01/2015 to now – That means if your friend have shopped at DeeTaleZ from 01/01/2015 to now she is already a customer!

*2 you can choose an Item with about the same value/price of your friends purchases ( This is a term we HAVE to do since there are people who come with “Friends” buying a Lipstick for 50$ and choose a Skin Applier for 1299L$ )


Just send a Notecard with your name and the name of your friend to Steffi Villota.

Please include the transaction of the purchase your friend has done and the Product of your choice you want to get for free.

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